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Quikcoup Catalog 2022 1,8 MB Download PDF  
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Quikcoup General Design Data 88 KB Download PDF  
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Quikcoup products are certified by the leading certification agencies for fire protection sprinkler systems, drinking water and many other applications.

  • FM - FM Insurance Company Limited
  • UL - UL.COM
  • VDS - Vertrauen durch Sicherheit
  • CNBOP - Polish Centre of Accreditation
  • EC Declaration of Conformity Category I, Module A, Group 2 (Issued In Accordance with the Pressure Equipments Directive (PED) 97/23/EC)
  • Electrical Continuity acc. to clause 11.2 of EN 61386-1 (TGM, Austria)
  • Electrical Continuity acc. to EN 60947-7-2:09 & EN 60947-1:07 (Electrosuise, Switzerland)
  • Modgal Metal (99) Ltd. is ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 140010-2004 certified

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